About us

We are Queensland Wind and Brass. Welcome to our soundtrack.

Queensland Wind and Brass (QWAB) is a community ensemble that was established in December 1989 to create opportunities for high-standard, adult musicians. The ensemble is under the artistic leadership of the celebrated Alisa Jones and comprises of over fifty amateur and professional woodwind, brass, and percussion players from all over Brisbane. It has been awarded a number of prestigious awards for outstanding performance.

QWAB performs at various functions, special events, public outdoor venues such as Queen Street Mall and Roma Street Parklands, festivals, and competitions. Themed concerts, such as ‘Witchcraft and Wizardry’, are Queensland Wind and Brass’s speciality, appealing to a wide range of musical tastes and ages. Please see the Upcoming Performances page for more information on the dates & details of Queensland Wind and Brass’s upcoming performances.

Queensland Wind and Brass is a non-profit organisation that relies heavily on the support of volunteers within the band as presidents, secretaries, treasurers, librarians, and stage managers. They assist with concerts, fundraising, finances, camps, administration, and maintenance tasks.